Exclusive single parent family holidays in the UK and abroad

Keeping the children busy and entertained every day throughout the school holidays requires intricate planning, clever manipulation – and quite often than not more money than was expected! It can be even trickier for single parent families - as these holidays can sometimes end up being a very lonely experience. However, we have now found the perfect solution for you – our fun active holidays, where everything is pre-planned and organised, providing plenty of company for you and your children.

Activity Camping Holidays

No one is ever bored on our activity camping holidays, with a fantastic choice of exhilarating water and land activities for your family. The fun of camping is a highlight for everyone, with a village of tents already set up ready for you when you arrive. There is even an evening entertainment programme for you to all take part in, or more usually, for the children to enjoy whilst the parents make the most of a bit of down-time! This is a holiday where you don’t need to plan for anything and everyone will be kept entertained from dawn till dusk!

No hassle holidays!

We are always given glowing reviews from single parent families, because our holidays take away the hassle of organising, and (more importantly!) working out what activities to do next! With our single parent holidays you just turn up with your children and we do all the cooking and cleaning, while we also provide a huge range of activities to partake in every single day. We even entertain the kids in the evening, giving you the choice of either watching the fun as it unfolds, taking part yourself, or by using this time to take a breather.

Everything planned for you!

It’s simple. The fun starts from the very beginning – those travelling on one of our coach holidays often tend to make good friends with other single parent families by the time they even arrive at centre. Once there, families share an exclusive tented village, where nutritious meals are all taken together in this social setting, while the fantastic range of activities are enjoyed together, along with the pre-arranged evening entertainment programme. Read our top tips blog, written by fellow single parent, Verity Worthington. 

Check out our 2021 exclusive single parent Family Adventure Holidays!



Ardèche Adventure

The Ardèche in the South of France 2021

Exclusively single parent holiday dates:

7th-15th August 2021 (coach)

14th-22nd August 2021 (coach) 


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Dordogne Adventure

Dordogne Adventure in the South West of France

Exclusively single parent holiday dates:

30th July-7th August 2021 (coach)

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Brecon Beacons Adventure

Brecon Beacons in South Wales

Exclusively single parent holiday dates:

31st July - 6th August 2021

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