Make it a summer to remember!

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What do you remember from your childhood? For most of us, happy thoughts of being outside are our strongest memories... Climbing trees, riding  bikes, making dens and roaming free until dinner time...


But in today's world, children and adults are spending less and less time outdoors, which is why it's even more important than ever to choose a family summer holiday that involves enjoying the great outdoors.

Our family activity holidays focus on re-connecting families with nature, offering new and exciting outdoor experiences and inspiring camp locations. Most of our holidays involve sleeping under canvas (in comfortable pre-erected tents, with beds). There is no better way to escape the TV and distractions of everyday life than camping. You will also get to enjoy nature's playground under the careful watch of our qualified team of instructors. From canoeing down rivers to rock climbing, there are so many new things to experience and memories to make.

Our Adventure Camp locations have all been carefully chosen to ensure the best adventure experience and to inspire a love of the outdoors. Whether you choose to wake up to the smell of alpine trees in Italy or the ocean breeze in Normandy you can be assured to be surrounded by nature at our camps, with plenty of space for your children to play and just be... just like we so fondly remember from our childhoods.

Make it a summer your children will remember. Find out more here.