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Swap screen time for 'Wild Time'

We are proud to be supporting Project Wild Time, who like us, believe passionately in reconnecting kids (and families) with nature. Wild Time is spending time outside being spontaneous, exploring, playing, imagining and creating

For New Year, why not make a resolution to swap some screen time for wild time with your family? There are lots of things you can do every day, including camping under the stars, toasting marshmallows on a campfire, a whole host of adventurous activities in the great outdoors and an environment that makes escaping screen time very easy and very enjoyable. These are all things you can do on our family adventure holidays in France, Italy, Spain and Wales.

There are many small ways you can fulfill your resolution to spend more time outdoors and you can find lots of great ideas on the Project Wild Time website:

Find out more about Project Wild Time by visiting