5 reasons to choose a family adventure holiday this summer

Family adventure holidays have never been so popular, with many families now choosing fun experiences over the standard package beach holiday. Incorporating a range of exciting activities into your summer holiday means that you can all enjoy your vacation and get the most out of your quality time together.

We’ve come up with a list of five key reasons why you should choose a family activity holiday this summer.

 1. Challenge yourselves

It’s great to set yourself a challenge and succeed. It provides a real sense of accomplishment and for children in particular, it can give them a huge confidence boost. Activity holidays give everyone a personal challenge, whether its conquering a fear of heights, or having the confidence to paddle on a river. Achievement can even come from having a go at something you didn’t think you would like or enjoy. Often, it’s not about being the best at something that counts, but the willingness to have a go. Some of our best personal qualities come from such experiences, showing that challenging ourselves, even on holiday, is a great thing to do.

2. Share incredible experiences

There’s no greater way to maximise your quality time together than participating in fun experiences altogether as a family. These shared experiences create memories for life. When your child sees you screams with delight as you paddle down the river, when you see your child lean back on the abseil tower and conquer a fear, when you all sleep out under the stars together, or sit around the campfire… these are all precious times that will imprint into your memory forever. These magical moments are priceless.


Our brand new Maltese Adventure is now available to book!


We're excited to announce the launch of a brand new family adventure in Malta, new for summer 2019!

We've teamed up with a well established Maltese Adventure company who have been delivering adventurous activities for many years and know all the best spots in the area for kayaking, coasteering, zip lining and rock climbing. Each activity will be tailored to suit the needs of the group and the holiday is suitable for age 7+. 

This exciting action-packed programme includes a cliff to cliff zip line over the sea, which is our most exhillarating activity yet as well as a whole host of others from coasteering to kayaking! You will also spend the day enjoying the slides and pools at the local waterpark and have a day to relax and explore the local area.


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New for 2019

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We are pleased to announce that we are now taking 2019 family holiday bookings and all of our holidays and 2019 prices are now live on our website. All we ask for is a £150 deposit to secure your holiday, which can be done online via Sagepay. You then have until 10 weeks prior to your holiday to pay the rest of your balance giving you almost a year to save up (and be excited about your holiday!) 

We are already starting to fill up on the most popular dates so booking early is advisable if you are restricted to certain dates.

Feedback has been exceptional this year, with most of our holidays in 2018 selling out.

We hope to see you next summer for more fun and excitement.

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Our 2019 family adventure holidays are now all online and available to book, for just a £150 deposit!

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2018 has been a record year, with most of our family holidays selling out. We've been receiving excellent feedback and many of our customers this year are already booking early, so popular dates are already filling up fast.

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Holidays make children happier and smarter...

If you are looking for a reason why you should finally book that summer holiday this year for your family, science says you should! 

According to an article written in The Telegraph, holidays make children happier and smarter. 

Why? Firstly, it's because of the quality time we spend with our children on holiday. In a typical day we spend two thirds of our time talking about the daily routine and many parents confess that they spend very little time playing with their children. Only 65% of parents say they play with their children occassionally. 

Secondly, holidays can advance brain development in children. I will leave you to read the full article on this. It's interesting. 

Find out more about how holidays make children happier and smarter by reading the full Telegraph article here. 


A family holiday that gives you all a break!

The Telegraph has recent recommended us as a family holiday that gives everyone a break.

It's not easy to find a holiday that satisfies teenagers and parents (as I am sure you know from personal experience!) Sulking, boredom, tantrums (and that's just the parents). The last thing anyone wants is a much longed for holiday turning into a very expensive disaster. Let us free you from this problem...

The secret ingredients of the perfect family holiday include 1. Having plenty of organised activities that everyone can enjoy. 2. Having plenty of other like-minded families close by so that your kids have ready made friends and you have some much needed adult conversation (and time to relax).