Camping - the true spirit of adventure!

THE ACORN VILLAGE - We have created welcoming, comfortable and self-contained villages for our families, typically with around 20 tents semi-circling a central marquee and the village ‘square’. This always guarantees great community spirit – as repeatedly testified by our guests – and the natural boundaries formed by the village enhance security. The marquee is where you dine, socialise or simply relax before heading back to your tent for the night.


The majority of our Adventure Camps offer you the chance to enjoy camping, without any of the usual hassles of trying to fit the tent in the car, setting it all up, sleeping on the floor and doing your own cooking! Our comfortable tents have everything you need, with solid floors and metal sprung beds and we do all the work for you, leaving you to enjoy your holiday.

Families of two or three are provided with one tent (with the option to pay a little extra for an additional tent if required) and families of four or more have two adjacent tents.

Private en-suite cabins

For those who prefer a few additional comforts, we offer indoor cabin accommodation at our popular Mediterranean Adventure Camp, located in a private zone of a holiday complex with excellent facilities. Here, our en-suite wooden cabins typically offer two separate sleeping areas, bathroom facilities and a lounge area - plus a verandah for relaxing in the evening and enjoying the warm outdoors. All meals are served in the spacious cafeteria or al fresco by the pool!.

Stunning settings

Our Adventure Camps are located in beautiful natural surroundings with plenty of places of interest nearby. It will take you no time to settle, relax and then make the most of our camps. You will have the opportunity to take time out with your family to explore, or to relax and enjoy the camaraderie and fun with like-minded families.

All of our Adventure Camps provide a perfect blend of adventure, discovery, relaxation, challenge and fun – yet each one of them has something different to offer. Choose what suits you best from a variety of locations, activities and interests.

No cooking!

It’s really one of the most liberating experiences – not to have to worry about food shopping or cooking on your family holiday! We prepare three meals a day for you and we even do the washing up! Special dietary requirements will be catered for if you let us know in advance.

"Excellent - nobody mentioned the word 'bored' at any point during the holiday!"

Rachael Greathead, Tan Troed