Frequently Asked Questions

Please browse our frequently asked questions using the subcategories below. If you have a question that isn't mentioned then please give us a call on 01384 398 870 and we will be happy to help. Alternatively, you can use our contact form.

Are the activities instructed in English?

Yes, all sessions are held in English. Our instructors are our employees - recruited and trained by us. This is one of the best parts of an Acorn holiday. Our staff really do make all the difference - they are incredibly dedicated to giving you the best possible holiday.

In Italy, we use expert local White Water Rafting instructors who know the Dora Baltea river like the back of their hands. They are usually Italian, but always speak very good English. Our staff usually also accompany each raft so there will be someone familiar with you at all times.

Do we have to take part in all activities?

No. Adults and children can take part in whichever activities they choose. We take full responsibility for all participants during activities, so there is no need for adult supervision at any of our on-site activities. 

We do ask that where children are participating in activities off-site, are accompanied by an appointed adult.

Activities are not compulsory and therefore there is no pressure on anyone to participate in any activity you don’t want to take part in.The only exception to this is for children under seven years of age, who must be accompanied at all times by an adult (or under the age of 5 at our Adventure Camp in Wales).

How 'adventurous' are the activities?

Our passion is the great outdoors and our Adventure Camps have been carefully selected with real adventure in mind. We always try wherever possible to programme our activities using natural resources and real environments, rather than fake or man-made settings. We tend to climb on real crags, kayak on magnificent lakes and rivers, and scramble impressive gorges. However, all environments are well-used and safe for all ages.

We have been operating for over thirty years and have built up an excellent reputation for the safety and quality of our adventurous activities. Our activities are delivered by our qualified/assessed instructors and as a leading school, group and family travel provider we are a fully accredited company, with some of the most respected bodies in the outdoor industry. We are regularly inspected, by external inspectors and our own technical advisors. 

If you would like more information on our activities please call us on 01384 398 870 or via the contact us form on our website. 

How difficult will the activities be?

Although we can adapt the activities to match the abilities of each group, the activity sessions are introductory or taster sessions designed to be accessible to all participants and ages. Our focus is very much on families having a great experience together, rather than technical instruction for different abilities.

How does the activities programme work?

All activities are included in the price of your holiday and are delivered by our qualified/assessed instructors.

Our Adventure Camps offer multi-activity programmes, offering you a taste of a whole range of adventurous activities. Our structured programmes typically consist of 2-3 supervised activities daily, which will be planned for you in advance.

When you arrive, our team will give you your activity programme which will detail your activity group, what you will be doing and when. 

A typical day consists of a morning activity after breakfast, an afternoon activity after lunch and activities or entertainment continuing into the evening. Some of our programmes include a free day for you to explore the area which will be listed on your sample programme in the brochure and on our website. Many families welcome this opportunity to relax or go and explore further afield. 

Is there a minimum age restriction for children for the different activities?

Children seven years of age and over may participate in all of our activities. The date of birth defines when they can participate, so they don't need to be seven at the time of booking, but do need to be seven on the day of activities. Sometimes children turn seven during the holiday - in these cases they can participate from their birthday onwards.

Children as young as 5 may participate in full at our Brecon Beacons Adventure Camp in Wales, although not all activities are appropriate. Please ask on booking, for more detailed information. 

Children under 7 (overseas) or under 5 (UK) are always very welcome at our Adventure Camps, and whilst they can't participate in the activities, they can still enjoy the holiday. Parental supervision is required but there are often younger children around and parents take it in turns to 'babysit'. We've found this to be particularly common when two or more families travel together as friends.

We've got children who are under 7. What can we do?

Families with children of all ages are welcome at our Adventure Camps. Unfortunately, for health and safety (and insurance!) reasons, children under 7 years of age cannot participate in activities organised by us at our overseas Adventure Camps. If you have a young child that you want to bring, give us a call - we can often give good discounts for young children.

Children as young as 5 may participate in the majority of our activities at our Brecon Beacons Adventure Camp in Wales. 

What do families tend to do in the evenings?

There is varied evening entertainment with activities such as tug of war, parachute games, competitions and a whole lot more. However, many parents prefer a slower pace of life in the evening and tend to enjoy socialising with each other, either relaxing over a glass of wine on centre while we entertain the children, or visiting the local area as a family.